Drag Race Buick Century 3.3L V6 vs Mustang GT500

I almost kick Mustang's ass ))) My time on 1/4m = 17.66sek and 80.99m/h ( 130km/h)

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Fastest Buick Century you'll find in Michigan
Corey, Me, and the Buw!!

Buick Century 3.3l exhaust sound
Actually it's missing rear muffler. Anyway, that makes it sound really awesome tho'. Listen to the power! Car's safe! Sound at the end was just me kicking something.

shitbox racing 0001
Shitbox racing presents the first in a new series...the battle for street supremacy, buick century style

96 Buick Century 3.1 vs 97 Chevy Lumina 3.1
96 Buick Century 3.1sonny boy vs 97 Chevy Lumina 3.1 greg