VW Jetta TDI racing at Road America in iRacing

The first 3 laps of a Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup race at Road America in iRacing. Very nice car and as you can see the racing is very close and fun. I'm in 4th as the vid ends (I'm the red car) which is where I finished. Available in HD.

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Tim Holgate - Blue Car | Ant Collet - Green Car | Courtenay Smith - Red Car | Curtis Fung - Black Car ...... HAVE FUN.

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iRacing Radical highlights from Road Atlanta
Some highlights from a recent Radical SR8 race in iRacing. It was a pretty busy race, due to my huge mistake on lap one. I fell back to 25th (last) place and then had 35 laps to claw my way up the field. I ended up finishing 8th. Not all my passes are shown. More details at http://www.samiad.co.uk/blog/?p=405