Dodge Stratus Vs. Lambo

Once again I put my sweet dodge stratus to the test. This time I go against a lamborghini. No mistaken that I let the lambo take the first race to the next set of lights.

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Brutal Dodge Stratus exhaust sounds
Brutal Dodge Stratus Exhaust sounds 2002 Dodge Stratus ( by 1996 Dodge Stratus ( by 2004 Dodge Stratus R/T Exhaust sound ( by Glasspacked dodge stratus ( by Dodge Stratus R/T ( by Picture:


Seat León Cupra 2.0T vs Stratus RT 2.4T
On Real México Chilchota Michoacan.....😅 LoL The Seat Is The Same Motor Of The 2015 Golf Gti 2.0T have Stage1 ECU, Exhaust, intake and others Upgrades.....😁 The Stratus Stock Well Just The Blue Mopar Blow Off.....😬

03' Dodge Stratus Build video by Forest Fincher
2 year project I built at home in my 2 car garage. Car has a 408 small block Mopar w/ Indy 360-1 heads. 727 w/ trans brake. I plan to race in Super Pro 2013 and see what happens from there. I would love to build a 572 & a powerglide for it sometime...