Third Gen Roundup cars leaving Duke's

this was all the cars leaving heading to the photoshoot. thank to Robbie for the footage!

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Update on the 91 Trans Am
Walk around with a little burnout at the end. :) Sorry it took me so long to upload my progress... I didn't have a camera for a while. Lots of stuff done to it since that last walkaround back in August 2009. Here's most of the stuff I did in a nutshell: *New front fenders and hood. *New front suspension rebuild *Lots of rust-killing done *Paint *New fuel injectors *AC delete Click here for the details! serious.html

Third Gen Fest 11' Camaros and firebird Leaving 1
A short video of third gen fest with everyone leaving.

FOR SALE: 1983 Pontiac Trans Am "Daytona 500" pace car
Created on August 5, 2011 using FlipShare.

Cars Leaving - Relay for Life Car Show - May 2012
Here's some of the aftershow footage from this year's Relay for Life car show at our chruch. Some of the cars leaving do a few burnouts, and some other stuff. This would be longer, but my capture card will only hold 30 minutes of video. I wanted to capture more footage of this year's Annual Car Show at our church, HOWEVER, my camera wanted to be a spoiled brat, and cut off after only two minutes of filming. So I had to film this video while sitting down in the Relay for Life tent. Now you know why I didn't film this from a better angle. I WILL be buying a brand new battery for the camera when I get the money. 2+ hours of charge = 2 minutes of filming = DEAD