Ferrari F355 Sound

Just listen to this sound...

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Ferrari F355 Spider F1 with Tubi Exhaust Ride
Brian records an awesome black Ferrari F355 Spider F1 with black aftermarket wheels and TUBI sytle Exhaust. First it is parked, then it starts up and accelerates, then the owner invites me for a ride. Very kind owner, thanks again for the ride Jay! BrianZuk's Facebook Here!

Ferrari 355 / Sound Demonstration
A short little video of a 1998 355 F1 Spider driving somewhere on the german Autobahn. Filmed from an Alpina B8.

Ferrari 355 accelerating through the gears
My '96 355 Berlinetta 6-speed accelerating from a 1st-gear roll

Sound Off - Ferrari 355 vs. 360
Which has the better Exhaust sound? The Ferrari 360 has a 430 Exhaust and test pipes, the Ferrari 355 has a Capristo, Hyperflows and Y pipe.