Camaro vs Supra @ LoneStar Motorsports Park

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1100hp SUPRA vs 1000hp Camaro vs 900hp Camaro vs 200hp ZX-10R
Some pretty EPIC street races after the annual MO Fbody / Mustang meet this year, here's some of the craziest races we witnessed at night. Stang Kilr and his 900hp turbo Camaro, an F1x Procharged Camaro, an 1100hp 88mm turbo Supra and a Nitrous assisted ZX-10R battle it out on the slick streets, listen to these things spin!

Supra VS Camaro (1/8th Mile)
Supra VS Camaro (1/8th Mile) (Import vs Muscle) Just one of the races from the Michigan Gumball Rally; sadly it was only a 1/8th mile track and as you can see the Supra was having some traction issues.

KZ camaro 72 VS SUPRA

BOOSTLEE - Nasty 1600hp Supra
The FASTEST Supra to ever run at Texas Invitational roll race, this 1600-1700hp Supra was impressive to see run down the 1500ft track! Running against Supercharged Vipers, TT Porsches, TT Lambos, among other cars