Seagull Decathlon 120 Maiden Fllight

DLE-20 Prop 16x8 Hawk Wood

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Phoenix Decathlon Maiden Flight
Here is the maiden flight of my Phoenix Models Decathlon. It has an Enya 80-4C engine, JR radio. I have a Master Airscrew 14x6 prop, Enya #3 plug and Omega 5% fuel. Please check out my Blog pages!blog/k40vr

Decathlon 30cc flight
My RC Guys 1/4 scale Decathlon with DLE 30cc engine. Great airplane! Set video to higher resolution for better quality.


Maiden flight of ESM Hawker Typhoon 73.5" Crash landing
Powered with DLE 55RA Hawk wood 3 Blade 20x10. with DLE 55RA This plane still need more Ballast on the nose about 300grams. total weight 7kg+