Seagull Decathlon 120 Maiden Fllight

DLE-20 Prop 16x8 Hawk Wood

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Seagull Decathlon 120 - Inzane Cross wind And One Deadstick = Game Over
Well i knew it was just a matter of time before she said goodbye. The engine is still fine but i can't seem to figure out all those deadsticks. Anyway i will only use Gas engines in the future. so if anyone is interesting in a 160 two cylinder just give me a hint. :)) enjoy and remember to subscribe and share

DECATHLON SEAGULL - RCG 26cc - Primeiro Vôo
Primeiro vôo do Decathlon com motor RCG 26cc. O avião estava sem porta e carenagem. Piloto de teste Adriano Lopes (Kabeça) Clube CPA - Piracicaba Video do motor Funfando


Seagull Models Decathlon 120 ARF
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