Seagull Decathlon 120 Maiden Fllight

DLE-20 Prop 16x8 Hawk Wood

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Decathlon 30cc flight
My RC Guys 1/4 scale Decathlon with DLE 30cc engine. Great airplane! Set video to higher resolution for better quality.

Seagull Decathlon 120 With ASP 160 Twin - Maiden And Propeller Just Vanished And Causes Crash
If you wanna skip the explaining just go to 05:34. Actually a bit sad today. Crashing a EPO model is ok but not a good size Balsa model. But this is my first time loosing a prop during flight. The locknut is still on place so the only thing that could happen is that the propeller exploded due to vibrations or so... When i lost drag the plane just falls in spinn and i try giving full throttle but only sound no effect.. Patreon Support: Enjoy

Super Decathlon
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