Dodge Dart 225 slant 6 burn out

a 225 slant 6 Dart makes a burn out

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Slant 6 Barracuda "Performance Test"
Just installed new headers and wanted to get a feel for any changes power wise. Either the rear shoes are wearing out or theres more power. :) I have a new off idle hesition I still need to work out though. 1/4 mile time was 15.33 before these changes. Still need to change out the rear gear from 3.07 to 3.55.

Slant 6 Barracuda with new headers
Just installed headers. Still need to sort out an off idle hesition, but sounds pretty good I think.

Turbo Dart 225 Tuned Slant
Finally getting it dialed in. Can't really show Boost without a load on the engine, so it's just a neutral rev. Exhaust is about 20" past the turbo and that's it. I'm debating silencing it so this car only sounds like a silent monster darting around.

Motor 225 valiant del 66 por ERC
Restauracion de un valiant del 66 prueba de motor 225 plymount