Dodge Dart 225 slant 6 burn out

a 225 slant 6 Dart makes a burn out

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Mopar rumble 300hp slant six II
Here's some video of the engine and Exhaust. Let me know what you think about the leaning tower of power. .

Slant Sixes go wild
A video of two turbocharged slant sixes having some fun at the dragstrip.

Cecil TNT Dodge Dart 69 Gts Small block
Cecil TNT Dodge Dart 69 Gts Small block.......... 428" small block (340) w2 heads. Race block. Had the car for 5 years. It's a 1969 original 340 gts car. All metal. Was out testing new powerglide and delay box

SUPER ATV RCV AXLES MADRAM11 Clothing More Incredible Videos: During the pull competition at the Big Lick event this loaded down Dodge Ram Diesel had so much weight on the front and rear of the truck that it bent in half. This is one of the craziest things I have seen during a pull competition. Luckily they were able to bend it back and he ended up winning the pulling competition.