2004 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally Edition Exhaust Clip

2004 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally Edition Exhaust Clip

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Mitsubishi Lancer Fix; rough Idle, loss of power fix part 1 of ?
Hi Viewers, This is not a tutorial on how to fix ( I am not a mechanic). I am trying to fix this problem by myself to learn, repair and save money. My approach was to watch youtube videos ask experts for their feedback on fixing the problem. In this video I am sharing my personal experience on fixing a rough idle, loss of power, problem on my Mitsubishi lancer 2004 ES 2.0L. I am guessing it will take me few more videos to fix this issue. I would love to receive your feedback on the repair and video editing; I will try my best to improve my future videos with the help of your feedback. Thank you for watching and enjoy. AfzaMoto

2003 oz Rally Catback Magnaflow Exhaust
2003 o.z. rally magnaflow catback

2002 O-Z Rally Tour/Exhaust
Exhaust sounds raspy because the camera was right there w/o a sock over it, not to mention it was a cheap camera. It actually sounds pretty crisp, i'll get a new video soon. * This is my 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer O-Z Rally Ask for any questions! Here's a link to Mitsu foums if you have any questions about my mods: http://www.mitsubishi-forums.com/index.php?&autocom=registry&cmd=view_item& CID=933 Main upgrades include: -K&N cold air -RRM Ported TB -Kamikaze Header -Hi-flow Cat (2.25'') -N1 Catback (2.5'') -RRM Piggyback ECU -Tinted lights and windows

Lancer OZ N1 Catback
Tsudo N1 Catback Exhaust w/Testpipe, installed on my 2003 Lancer OZ.