Antique Johnson Utilimotor gas engine

2 stroke general purpose made in the 1930's similar to a Maytag engine to run washing machines and other small machines on the farm before electricity. Speed is governed by centrifugal force in the flywheel cutting off the ignition. Flexible hose carried the fumes away from the operator.

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maytag airplane engine 001

Johnson Utilimotor
Here's another video of my Johnson Utilimotor. This time the head is switched around with the spark plug in the original position. It seemed to be a little harder to start this time, but seems to run the same as before when the plug was in the opposite position.

The first car ever running live! The Benz Motorwagen (1885)
This is rare footage of the world's first car's engine igniting & running. From Wikipedia: After developing a successful gas-powered two-stroke piston engine in 1873, Karl Benz focused on developing a motorized vehicle. His Patent Motorwagen (or Motor Car), introduced in 1886, is widely regarded as the first purpose-built automobile, that is a vehicle designed from the ground up to be motorized. Benz unveiled it officially on July 3, 1886 on the Ringstraße in Mannheim, Germany. The vehicle was patented with German patent number 37435, which Benz applied for on January 29, 1886.

Johnson Utilimotor
Just got this one running. It's very similar to a Maytag and uses the same magneto as a model 82 Maytag. I believe it was built prior to 1934.