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Shelbys at the track, Thunder mountain 05
Frogot to add these to YouTube and my video. Excuse the random bit after the IROC R/T burnout, windows movie maker is... lame.

Omni GLH SRT4 - Drive by on steep hill
Only running 3lbs of Boost so far. This car is fueled with E85 ethanol gasoline. Running MegaSquirt for fuel injection and ignition control. On the first hill, I hit about 80 by the time I crested the hill. I let off around 90 on the second pull.

Stupid winter tires
Brother wanted to go burn off some tires, so I joined in a bit. 2.2L SOHC turbo.

91 Spirit R/T (whitey) vs. Audi A4
My car against an audi A4. this video was from the previous owner. Check out my forum and register