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Video option SA22C RX-7

Video option SA22C RX-7


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DR30vsSA22C 200205
DR30vsSA22C 200205

NARE SA22C FC3S エビス 2003年
NARE SA22C FC3S エビス 2003年

North West Stages 2010 - Mazda RX7 GpB (#29)
Legend Fires North West Stages - Blackpool - 6th February 2010 Car Number #29 - Mazda RX7 GpB (2300cc, Class D) Driver: David Paveley Co-Driver: Andy Bull

JDM Option Vol. 24 - The Strange World Of Video Option
JDM Option International 24 The Strange world of JDM Option. Option Magazine JDM offer an inside look at the crazy world in which they live. Dude doing the English commentary is extremely annoying. The history of Option is rich in existence; with 20 years of footage we have created your favorite characters and brought you the JDM scene one video at a time. This volume takes a step back and reminisces the older days of Option. A compilation of the best is in this volume. A bunch of old school drifting, drag racing and illegal street activities are in the beginning portion of the video. The Option staff shows you the early stages of this tuning industry first hand! Different tests like 0-300, 0-1000 and being hassled by the police, this section will get your blood pumping.  Daijiro takes you on a history lesson and shows a lot of the famous racecars that have fathered the tuning cars you see today. Going all the way back to the 60's he tests several cars and shows you the nostalgia about these cars.  Last but not least the Option staff has its share of the finest JDM umbrella girls grace their camera lens. This segment captures Zaku (Option camera man) hunting for girls at the 2006 Tokyo Auto Salon, but this year he has a trick up his sleeve with an inconspicious candid camera. Watch as Zaku uses his skills to acquire some very sexy shots! JDMオプションインターナショナル24 JDM Option.OptionマガジンJDMの奇妙な世界は、彼らが住んでい クレイジーな世界の内側の外観を提供します。男英語 解説を行うことは非常に迷惑です。

RX-7 1980 SA22C 12A BridgePort at Teuven Hillclimb 29-8-2010
Yearly Hillclimb in Teuven (Belgium) with a lot of different cars but here is just a clip of my friends 1980 RX-7 SA with a 12A bridgeport. The smoke doesn't mean it's broken, the rotary is being premixed.

RX-7 SA22C 20b motor
wildheart 20b motor 2011/11/06  shoot out

racing beat bonneville rx7
racing beat Rx-7 racing at Bonneville.

Wangan run with Chibakun

1984 JSS Race at FUJI Speedway
1984年 富士マスターズ250キロ ジャパンスーパースポーツセダンレース   '84 FUJI Masters 250km Japan Super Sports Sedan Race 1st No.78 Hideki Okada (Setrab Yours Mazda RX-7) 25laps 42:37.36 2nd No.3 Taku Akaike (ENKEI Taku Savanna) 43:01.78 3rd No.80 Sesaku Suzuki (Tamahimeden Savanna Rx-7) 43:19.47 4th No.7 Shoji Taniai (Musashino RRC Silvia-turbo) 43:31.01 5th No.20 Tomohiko Tsutsumi (Southern Way Silvia-turbo) 43:31.54 6th No.77 Hitoshi Ishikawa (Setrab Yours Mazda RX-7) 43:43.75 7th No.5 Matsuo Nakayama (Mecca Silvia RS turbo) 44:12.49 8th No.12 Masaatau Oya (Tomcraft ERC Savanna) 44:12.63 9th No.6 Katsuharu Saito (Mecca Silvia RS turbo) 44:16.83 10th No.47 Akihiko Nakaya (Nismo Sports CT Silvia) 44:19.64 11th No.15 Motoji Sekine (Mori Special Silvia turbo) 44:24.04 12th No.16 Masami Takagi (Tom's Corolla Levin) 24laps 43:12.19 13th No.22 Kenji Tohira (Toughtune Limit Silvia) 23laps 43:19.63 14th No.84 Seiichi Sodeyama (HKS Tomei World Tusho Silvia) 20laps 43:01.02 NC No.48 Mitsutake koma (Chiba RS Skyline turbo-C) 14laps 43:20.41 Did not finish No.11 Mutsumi Arakawa (SRP Super Silvia) 10laps No.21 Keiichi Tsuchiya (Grazer Japan Auto Soarer)4laps No.8 Yasuo Shinoda (Musashino RRC Silvia turbo) 2laps No.23 Moto Kitano (Impul Silvia RS turbo) 0lap

cornerring 0-300km/h GT-R Sep,1998

RE Amemiya RX7 RE SUPER G (white comet)

FR BATTLE S2000vsAE86vsRX-7vsM3 200208
FR BATTLE S2000vsAE86vsRX-7vsM3 200208

SA22C プッシュロッドサスペンションVer 2動き

RE Amemiya Super Greddy 7 RE20B RX-7 FD3S
This RE Amemiya Super Greddy 7 RE20B was built for the annual Tokyo Auto Salon. This exquisite machine is packed with RE Amemiya's tuning knowledge and is setup for the street. The intent of the vehicle is of course, running the Wangan highway. The machine was designed to easily reach high speeds and provide unmatched stability at 300km/h. This makes 300km/h seem like leisurely cruise. The three rotor 20B engine was removed from a Mazda Cosmo. It is fairly easy for RE Amemiya to build a 300km/h engine, and it can be done with a 13B. Then why choose a 20B? The 13B is notoriously known to have a short life span, especially after it has been modified. Also, it lacks the low end torque, and it does not hold the power to leisurely reach, and cruise at 300km/h like the 20B. Therefore, the 20B was chosen, and the low end torque demise was solved. But even though it's a rotary engine, doesn't mean that it is a easy swap. The weight distribution of the well balanced FD becomes thrown off. The 20B had to be offset 10cm to the rear and 6cm to the front in reference to the 13B. Also, the body, subframe, and the propeller shaft all need fabrication. The exterior was dressed up with the RE Amemiya 2006 model Aero kit. It consists of a Porsche 997 front headlights, and the rotary themed rear bumper. The sides consist of super wide fenders to accentuate the whole look. The vehicle was completed just in time for the first ever Pre Tokyo Auto Salon event held in the United States. The vehicle then will be shipped off in time for the real 2006 Tokyo Auto Salon event in Tokyo. ***http://www.Garage411.com/ - Repair guides for your Acura, Honda, BMW, and more!***

20b na jc cosmo
20b na jc cosmo

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