VIP Tuning 335i VS Gt Mustang

335i- tune, cai, full catless Exhaust. stang- intake, full catless Exhaust, chip/tune. 2nd gear roll. *ALL VIDEOS WERE FILMED IN MEXICO*

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335i vs Z4M
335i Vs Z4M

335i Dinan Stage 2 + Bastuck Exhaust + Eisenmann Cat-Delete
I just had the Dinan flash done on my ECU, thought I'd add to the video log here.

Dinan BMW 335i and LS1 Camaro Montage
2007 Dinan BMW 335i with dinan tune and mufflers vs 2002 LS1 Camaro with Exhaust and lid. Montage and racing.

Turner Motorsport BMW 335i Coupe (E92) Dyno Run
Our TMS 335i puts some impressive numbers up on our Dynapack Dyno. The TMS engine software shows gains of 70hp and 80 ft-lb of tourque TO THE REAR WHEELS accross the rpm spectrum. These are huge gains. Dynapack Dynos are known for being fairly conservative on the numbers. They are also known to be very consistent between runs, compared to the Dynojet or Mustang Dyno.