TVR Chimaera 4.0 - Offord Cherry Bomb Exhaust - Before & After

Offord "cherry bomb" Exhaust modification to a TVR Chimaera. Includes a before and after soundtrack! Courtesy of "Gavstar"

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Supercharged TVR Chimaera in Tunnel Loud
Craig and my dad having a bit of fun in a few tunnels!!

TVR Chimaera Brutal V8 Sound
He creado este vídeo con el Editor de vídeo de YouTube ( Instagram itechcars40 Like and subscribe for more

TVR car with Sleeved Exhaust Noise 123.8 db.. Rev Up Chimaera V8 soundtrack TVR cars
There are many ways of trying to improve the already lovely sounding V8. In my uploads I have a clip where my car was standard other than induction pipe and silicone hoses upgrade. This new clip is with the main cats and pre cats still in place and the box has been cut open, plasma cutting top section of silencer (plasma for a very neat cut) removing sound proofing take out honeycomb perforated pipes and replace with a solid tube modifying pipes to make it straight through. Just had Exhaust db tested and the result 123.8db

TVR Chimaera 500 v8 best exhaust sound ever
My Tvr Chimaera 500 v8 start up best car sound ever