TVR Chimaera 4.0 - Offord Cherry Bomb Exhaust - Before & After

Offord "cherry bomb" Exhaust modification to a TVR Chimaera. Includes a before and after soundtrack! Courtesy of "Gavstar"

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TVR Chimaera 500 start up

Best-Of TVR sound compilation 2016!
A monthly series. This one based on TVRs. All videos filmed by me, subscribe for more. Facebook: Each month I will upload a video, of about 10 minutes, showcasing a particular model or make of car. This month I'm celebrating TVR, including models such as the Chimaera, Sagaris, Griffith, Cerbera, T350, Tuscan, Typhon and Wedge. Flickr: Instagram: @adamc3046 Link to recommended video:

TVR V8 Alarm Clock
Wake up gently with a TVR V8 alarm clock.

TVR Griffith 500 Drive
Small shakedown drive of the TVR Griffith, also testing out GoPro Hero 3 and external mic (Ultradisk 4033 Tie Clip) Mic: =UTF8&psc=1 GoPro: Hero 3 Silver edition