TVR Chimaera 4.0 - Offord Cherry Bomb Exhaust - Before & After

Offord "cherry bomb" Exhaust modification to a TVR Chimaera. Includes a before and after soundtrack! Courtesy of "Gavstar"

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TVR Chimaera Cold start up
Performance manifold and ACT Y-piece, the car has no cats and still has the baffles in the back box

Supercharged TVR Chimaera in Tunnel Loud
Craig and my dad having a bit of fun in a few tunnels!!

TVR Chimaera no silencers
Revving up and idle of TVR chimaera 4.0 HC with no silencers

TVR Chimaera 500 v8 best exhaust sound ever
My Tvr Chimaera 500 v8 start up best car sound ever