Ninjas At Rebounderz!!! (12.18.10)

FaceBook - Twitter - Chatango chatroom - Daily Booth - people in this video!!! Today we acted like ninjas for a collab we are doing with the mighty thor! it was a good time had by all! then we ended up over at rebounderz again! this time we were trying so many new tricks!!! back flips, front flips, round house, popcorn, and all sorts of others! rebounderz is a trampoline arena!!! and it is awesome!! 2000 square feet of trampolines!!! but you better be ready to get a workout!! because its pretty hard!!!

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Super trampoline park obstacle course/timed race with parkour and gymnatics tricks combined! Capron and Corey had so much fun with their gigantic slide idea that we decided to build this obstacle course. Starts off from the super trampoline over to the normal trampoline, you trick from that one to the mat, shimmy over the wall onto the back of the airplane, flip down onto the mat, balance walk to 2 jumps then 3 jumps to a surfer slide with the mat! Go around the wall around the monkey bars back on to the trapezoid then with the final flip off onto the mat. We timed and raced over and over, so many funny bails and fails along the way but it was so much funn to end the night with the course! INTRO MUSIC: What we wear. What we ride. USE CODE: FUNKBROS here Corey's Social Media. Snapchat: coreyfunk Capron’s Social Media. Snapchat: cfunk

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