89 ford bronco prerunner testing

this car is a 89 ford bronco that has the best of the best on it it is linked and has 22 in of travel in the back and 24 in the front. the motor is a 427 600 hp small block. and yes im 14 and driving

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Ranger Prerunner Crash
ran off the off-road

Flatiron Racing and Pro Comp team up for San Felipe
Flatiron Racing's Prerunner Bronco riding on ProComp Xtreme MT2 tires and a custom set of polished ProComp La Paz series beadlocks at the 2013 SCORE San Felipe 250. You can also check out the Flatiron Racing/ProComp Bronco racing in the SADR Tequila 125 here: http://youtu.be/K_4s1OLB3CU

The Goat of Plaster City Bronco Prerunner
Bronco prerunner in plaster city going around 65-70 mph through the whoops

prerunner chano