Charger SRT8 vs BMW 650i

Charger SRT8: AFE Stage 2 intake, Corsa Catback, Predator 91 CAI Tune BMW: Stock 6-Speed Manual

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Bmw 650i vs srt8 300c
Juso srt8 430hp loosed by 650i husnija hahaha...... 650 13.8 1/4 mile

(STOCK) e63 650I BMW vs (CHIPPED) Charger SRT 8 HEMI
Bone stock e63 650I BMW vs (CHIPPED) Charger SRT 8 HEMI unfortunately my cannon t2i camera was having shut down problems (sd card) so the best footage keeped getting stopped (20mph start witch the 650i pulled on the srt8. so as a result this vid is crap) I need a go pro cam as handling the huge camera is not kosher . Races never accomplished super high speeds as we played it safe. We were just interested to see how the e63 650i BMW would hang with the HEMI powered SRT 8.. for a few quick short races The somewhat heavy 650i (stock) did pull on the super heavy chipped SRT-8 charger in every race. I do believe the 650i would pull on the srt8 especially on the highway as well.. I will try to Make better more planned quality vids in the future...

2012 SRT Charger VS 2010 M5
First run, m5 gets jump as charger driver misread hand drop. Looks like the torque of the charger gets it out the gate faster but the lighter weight and gearing of the M5 gives it more up top.

BMW M6 vs BMW 650i