NASCAR In-Car Camera

Some spectacular video clips taken from various NASCAR races over the years.

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Jimmie Johnson onboard Talladega 2012 GWC finish
Ride along with Jimmie Johnson for the last three laps of the 2012 Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500 at Talladega.

SlicedSmoke14's NASCAR Onboard Crashes
Decided to try this out, great chance that I won't make another. And like my crash comps, I only used the videos in Highlights, few of which were not released. Credit goes to NASCAR, FOX, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC.

Tony Stewart in-car cam at local track
Riding with Tony Stewart as he starts the race at Madison International Speedway in Wisconsin. Tony let me install my camera, jokes around all day and really played to the crowd here. He ran with Matt Kenseth and other local late model drivers. Days like this help support racing on the local level. This clip is the start of the race.

NASCAR's Best Camera Angles 3
If you are looking for the other two Best Camera Angles videos, which were on my friskycurtain account, go to barneynward's account. He was nice enough to upload those videos to Youtube in my absence. The song is "Ready to Roll" by Jet Black Stare. I did my best to match the lyrics with the footage. Hope you like it. Clips owned/uploaded by kornnut43, tvspnd1228, cubs604, NAVGFan, skldmatriz, Oesoto, skinley218, racermac1988, flyer2359, 64ORD, conrail19900, CrashCarnageVid, m140m, Roads0, BMB5150, KingCuervo88, TheNARLtv , azevedo00001, ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC, and TNT.