NASCAR In-Car Camera

Some spectacular video clips taken from various NASCAR races over the years.

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2013 Daytona Testing - Amazing Camera Angle From Under a Chevrolet
2013 [Day 3 of Testing] Look at this amazing 4 different camera angle from underneath of a NASCAR Chevrolet SS during a running at Daytona. [All Motorsports TV Schedules ]

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series - Full Race - Food City 500
Watch the complete race from Bristol on April 17, 2016. For more NASCAR news, check out:

SlicedSmoke14's NASCAR Onboard Crashes
Decided to try this out, great chance that I won't make another. And like my crash comps, I only used the videos in Highlights, few of which were not released. Credit goes to NASCAR, FOX, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC.

NASCAR - Onboard Cameras From the 2012 Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500 Finish
Yes, I am aware that I spelled Clint's last name wrong, it was a 2 hour render. I didn't notice until after it was done, didn't want to sit another 2 hours. Sorry about that. Credit goes to BoneyChuck for the captures. Audio enhancements done by me. Here are 6 different onboard camera shots from the finish of the 2012 Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500 compiled into one video. This finish goes down as my favorite Talladega finish of all time, no, it's not just because of the wreck, but 4 wide up and down the whole field made this a super entertaining race to watch! Enjoy these shots, and CRANK IT UP! Drivers in this video (In Order) Clint Bowyer Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson Dale Earnhardt JR Tony Stewart Brad Keselowsi