Cavalier vs. Jeep Liberty, Toronto Motor Sports

My 2000 Supercharged Cavalier vs. a Jeep Liberty, ran a 15.9, best pass was a 15.3, this was my first time down the track. Good Times

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4x4 Tug of War
Playing tug of war with 4x4's in Brandon's yard.

GO! - 2007 Jeep Liberty / 2004 BMW 325c Drag Race
A cheap film I made for a class. Drag Race between a 2007 Jeep Liberty 6spd and a 2004 BMW 325 5spd. The Jeep almost won! Haha.

Mustang GT Quarter Mile vs Jeep Liberty
This is my 2001 stock automatic Mustang GT against a Jeep Liberty. I ran a 14.26 @ 97 MPH to his 17.0.

jeep liberty v8 1uzfe swap + supercharger + 5 speed progress
2003 jeep liberty sport + toyota/lexus 1uzfe quad cam 4.0L v8+ arp everything + 750cc injectors + e85 + haltech sport 2000 + toyota corolla coil packs + m112 ford svt Supercharger + act stage 4 clutch + toyota 3.0 flywheel + toyota supra transmission + bellhousing adapter + t56 clutch slave cyl + toyota supra 4 core radiator + custom headers + bosch 044 fuel pump + fuel return line + sc400 oil pan + an-10 oil housing & lines/cooler / remote filter . I used factory jeep 3.7l motor mounts and the stock crossmember. its a work in progress i may sell it eventually when its done.