Cavalier vs. Jeep Liberty, Toronto Motor Sports

My 2000 Supercharged Cavalier vs. a Jeep Liberty, ran a 15.9, best pass was a 15.3, this was my first time down the track. Good Times

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4x4 Tug of War
Playing tug of war with 4x4's in Brandon's yard.

Nissan Xterra vs Jeep Liberty FAIL Off Road Competition 2014 GeoTrophy
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GO! - 2007 Jeep Liberty / 2004 BMW 325c Drag Race
A cheap film I made for a class. Drag Race between a 2007 Jeep Liberty 6spd and a 2004 BMW 325 5spd. The Jeep almost won! Haha.

jeep liberty v/s pajero