hot wheels heavy haulers ep2 bone shaker

steal first ford pick up ever made

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Transformers : Bone Shaker Style
A friend from Argentina/Venezuela made this for my son...

Monster Heavy Haulers mistake
Truck into tree

Hot Wheels Boneshaker Car
Here's a full-size driveable Hot Wheels Boneshaker car. When I was a kid I would look at Hot Wheel cars and wonder if they were a real car or an imaginary car. I always thought the Hot Wheels Boneshaker wasn't a real car, but it is.

Hot Wheels Light Racer Bone Shaker from ToyQuest
See the full review at -shaker/ The Light Racer Bone Shaker is a larger, motorized version of the popular Hot Wheels die-cast cars. There are three buttons on the Bone Shaker. The first button plays music, the second button makes an engine revving sound, and the third button sends the Bone Shaker moving. (The car stops on its own.) The Bone Shaker features light-up "flames" and an animated skull projection on the front of the car.