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steal first ford pick up ever made

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hot rod truck customizing babe Rebecca Grant is a hot sexy bikini swimsuit model who you might have seen in fhm, maxim. Her hobbies include customizing hot rod trucks and getting dirty in the mud. Rebecca has raced unprofessionally during TV shows for ESPN 2.

Record 'Mega Load' reactor crossing bridge: Fort McMurray
Record 'High Load' reactor transported near Fort Mckay AB. This 19 storeys high Gas-Oil Pressure Reactor is making it's way to one of the oilsands sites. This is one of the largest move performed by Mammoet Canada, 62.15m high, 5.2m dia and 384 tonnes! 320 wheels. Slowly crossing the private bridge which is actual bending as it crosses over. Awsome site on this COLD Morning..even in -25 temp. (ref. Fort McMurray Today, Feb27) *** can hear steel bridge bending / flexing! *****

Autocar heavy haulers

Ford F150 vs. Chevy Silverado - Grudge
"Pickup Truck Rivals" Hot Wheels versus Matchbox, Chevy versus Ford, F150 versus Silverado, no matter which way you want to compare these two pickup trucks, it will be interesting to see them in action today on the drag strip! Both cars get one run in each lane and the one with the lowest individual time wins. Check it out to see how they did!