Cool Hemi Powered Bare Metal 34 Coupe

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Hot Rod Revue: Chopped With four episodes under our belt here at HRR world headquarters, we figured it was time for a holiday. So, we handed the reigns over to our mate Michael from Noisy Brigade and asked him to head out on safari and film some Australians in the wild. Well, you wouldn't believe it, but he found a whole flock of them and almost half seemed tame. If this all looks right up your alley, check out the Chopped website for details on 2015's event. And once again, a big thanks must go out to our friends at Classic Cover Insurance who pay the bill so you don't have to. Share it about!

jimmy shine's 1934 bare metal truck
jimmy shine's 1934 bare metal truck at bonneville on melrose on 6-9-2012

1934 Coupe Hot Rod
Rod Brewer - 1934 coupe Built on the Gold Coast - Queensland, Australia by East Coast Race Cars Filmed while on hot rod runs too Armidale NSW & Toowoomba QLD Kid Rock - Born Free

Hot Rod Revue: Episode 3: The Toy Collector Episode 3. In this episode we meet Mr John Lisle, proprietor of Auckland's Cascade Autofinish and a man with just too many cool projects on the go. But those are my words, not his. He doesn't seem to mind one little bit. And while he and his team are responsible for many of NZ's classiest show finishes, John is happy to acknowledge and preserve a vehicle's history which makes for a varied collection of rods, customs and classics.