Subaru Leone turbo dyno run

Fuel cut or insufficient ignition. edit. Is it fuel cut.

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Subaru Leone tuning SUPER AVTO TUNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Auto Tuning

Subaru Leone Turbo exhaust sound
2,5" Exhaust pipe with one muffler.

Отжег резины Subaru Leone EA82 Intercooler Turbo 135лс
Резина Brigestone Blizzak 215/55/15

Subaru on Stockton Beach
A 2008 Subaru Outback 3.0R and a 1986 RX turbo with a few mods. This was the first time I had driven my new Outback on the beach, and as you can see it went great! Pitty about the overhang on the bumpers though...