TEIN Suspension Commercial

http://www.nt.gr/en/Default.asp?BrandID=278 TEIN is the top aftermarket Japanese suspension manufacturer. Already specialized in most Japanese models, it now covers a large number of European models through its Euro Damper range. TEIN offers fully repairable coilover kits that are covered by a one year warranty. Every suspension component is developed and tested on TEIN's private test track, where experienced test drivers simulate real-life conditions. ΤΕΙΝ supplies suspension components to many race teams, in Japan and across the world.

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Toyota Yaris with Tein Suspension Coilovers
An exterior look at my set up.. Tein Basic Damper full suspension swap. OZ Racing Ultraleggras 16 x 7 wrapped around BF Goodrich G-Force tires.. 2 Inch Drop in the rear, 1 3/4 drop in the front. I comfortably take 45MPH curves at 100MPH with ease. 5% window tint.. Got a couple of things in mind coming up.. STAY TUNED! SUBSCRIBE!!

TEIN High Performance Suspension Promotional Video from UpgradeMotoring.com
TEIN Suspension Promotional Video - See how the goal of TEchnical INnovation in racing became the birth of TEIN high performance suspension. See behind the scenes of TEIN's R&D and Manufacturing process. TEIN suspension authorized distributor www.upgrademotoring.com

TEINのEDFCです(^-^) ダンパーはMONO FLEXです。 機械の左右の矢印で減衰調整が出来ます。 好きな減衰を設定し、P1.P2.P3どれでも良いので長押しす と記録されワンタッチで減衰調整出来ます。 最大3箇所です。 ただし、常時電源に繋いでおかないと消えちゃいますの で毎回設定が必要です(´Д` ) とても便利です( ´ ▽ ` )

Tein Suspension Promotional Video #2
Tein High Performance Suspension Promotional Video. See the R&D and manufacturing process of Tein Suspension. Get your Tein Suspension from Authorized Distributor www.UpgradeMotoring.com.