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TEIN Suspension Commercial

http://www.nt.gr/en/Default.asp?BrandID=278 TEIN is the top aftermarket Japanese suspension manufacturer. Already specialized in most Japanese models, it now covers a large number of European models through its Euro Damper range. TEIN offers fully repairable coilover kits that are covered by a one year warranty. Every suspension component is developed and tested on TEIN's private test track, where experienced test drivers simulate real-life conditions. ΤΕΙΝ supplies suspension components to many race teams, in Japan and across the world.


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2007 Safari Rally TEST
2007年アフリカラリー選手権に参戦していた三好・市野 のサファリラリーテスト映像です。下段の映像は走行 のTEIN Type Gr.Nダンパーの動きです。荒れたグラベル路面を確実に らえ、時折あるジャンプの衝撃も一発で吸収している 子が必見です!ラリー車のサスペンションの動きは他 はめったに見ることができません! ☆Gr.Nダンパーの紹介はこちら☆ http://www.tein.co.jp/products/gr-n.html Video of Safari Rally Tests, performed by Hideaki "Maddog" Miyoshi & Hakaru Ichino, TEIN's president, who were competing in Africa Rally Championship 2007. The bottom frame shows the movement of TEIN TYPE Gr.N Damper while running the Safari test course, holding on to all the rough gravel surfaces and instantly absorbing all the shocks from occasional jumps. This is one of the rare footages and the must-see for all rally drivers & fans! Follow the link for more information on TEIN TYPE Gr.N Damper. http://www.tein.co.jp/e/products/gr-n_frs.html

tein with edfc on a sentra (b14)

Suspension basics/ Alignment
a brief description of camber, caster, toe, and sai.

KAKIMOTOR Product - GAB SS series Adjustable
All about KAKIMOTOR products, events, info and etc. Call us now for more inquiries, we bring you the best! Sunway PJS9 012-3327121, Sunway PJS11 012-3837121, Cheras Maluri 012-2337121, Shah Alam 012-6877121. Business Hour:- from Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 7:00pm

Tein Suspension upgrade for Sti
Ignition DVD takes their version 6 Sti to MRT to fit Tein coil over suspension and have the car corner weighted.Featured in issue 018.

TEINのEDFCです(^-^) ダンパーはMONO FLEXです。 機械の左右の矢印で減衰調整が出来ます。 好きな減衰を設定し、P1.P2.P3どれでも良いので長押しす と記録されワンタッチで減衰調整出来ます。 最大3箇所です。 ただし、常時電源に繋いでおかないと消えちゃいますの で毎回設定が必要です(´Д` ) とても便利です( ´ ▽ ` )

Toyota 4A-FE engine cut-out
Cut-out I made from a Toyota 4A-FE engine block. The engine was removed from a Toyota Corolla AE101 to be replaced by a more powerfull engine. After collecting dust for several years, the engine's owner decided to donate it to me so I could open her up. Here is a brief impression of how that process went and of course, the end result!

Tein Test EK9
After I got my new Tein Coil Overs I thought I would take a little drive and see how they were! very good, good for daily driving shortly after I sold this Civic and moved to Vancouver, at the moment I have an RSX Type S (BIG upgrade) and I will be working on a "fith Gear" inspired video soon

Tein Specialized Damper For NISSAN GTR R35 interview test driver
Super suspension for New GTR R35, provided more comfortable without stiffness but can hold and grip on the road. We create more compression and more rebound for the specialized suspension with the owner joy.

話題のFRスポーツ、スバル BRZにTEIN STREET ADVANCEを装着! 新採用のアドバンスニードルで、ハンドリング、乗り心 地をステージごとに調整。 BRZのハンドリングを表情豊かに変化させます。さぁ 出かけましょう! SUBARU BRZ Parts No. GSQ54-21SS2 スプリングレート フロント:5.0k リア:5.0k 基準ダウン量  フロント:-25ミリ リア:-20ミリ 可能車高調整範囲 フロント:-50~-20ミリ リア: 47~+24ミリ New FR sport SUBARU BRZ with TEIN Street Advance Damper. Use of newly-developed "ADVANCE Needle" for 16-level damping force adjustment You can adjust, You can find...You can feel your desired setting!! Let's enjoy BRZ with Street Advance Damper!! SUBARU BRZ Parts No. GSQ54-21SS2 Set Spring Front: 5.0 k / Rear: 5.0 k Ride Height Drop Front: -25 mm / Rear: -20 mm Recommended Ride Height Adjustment Range Front:-50 mm to -30 mm Rear :-47 mm to +24 mm

Lowering Springs vs Coilovers -- Presented by Andy's Auto Sport
http://www.andysautosport.com/coilovers.html 1 (800) 419-1152 Andy's Auto Sport presents a video about the differences between lowering springs, coilover sleeve kits, and complete coilover systems, with examples of each for easy reference. Lowering springs, coilover sleeve kits, and coilovers are all great ways to improve the looks and performance of your vehicle, but be sure to buy exactly what you need depending on the type of driving you will do. From stock replacement parts to high-performance aftermarket accessories, Andy's Auto Sport has what you need to get the looks and power your vehicle deserves. Source: http://www.andysautosport.com/lowering_springs.html Please feel free to rank our video, share it, or embed it!

Srt 4 Lower on Tein Super Street Dampener Coilovers
here is the car lower on Tein Super Street Dampener Coilovers with rims by Konig LACE 17x7 wrap in 225/45/17 tires

Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs- Whats in the Box?
http://www.rallysportdirect.com/Tein-S-Tech-Spring-Kit-Mitsubishi-EVO-8-9-M R-2003-2006&source=Youtube-WITB Today on Whats in the Box we are featuring the Tein S-Tech Evo 8/9 MR Lowering Springs. These come 4 springs per box(2 Front, 2 Rear). Check our website for fitment. We hope you have enjoyed this segment of "Whats in the Box"

Tein SS Super Street Coilovers Supra JZA80 / JZZ30 Soarer

Coilover adjustment
Little tutorial on how to adjust a coilover. These are my recently purchased Function/Form coilovers. I currently have Tein SS (Super Street) coilovers in my Accord but they were too pussy for me so I thought I'd make a change in the suspension. One thing I should note... That was a big mistake. The F2s I got were terrible and I ended up going back to my Teins.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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