Mosport 2009 Acura NSX vs Porsche 911(Me vs Dad) part 1/2

Kensai Lapping day at Mosport, Sept 2009-The on board camera is in my Dad's Car (996 Carrera4) and he is chasing me down.. (Silver NSX). On the way, he will pass a GTI, Impreza STI, 335i(E92), 997 Carrera2, Lotus Exige and others.... and was stuck behind a M3(E92).

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Honda NSX Twin Turbo vs Porsche 911 Turbo S
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vs Cayman S
Evenly matched - 2000 Acura NSX and Porsche Cayman S.

Mosport Raceway in a Porsche 997 GT3 (1:39.5 lap time)
Got some great feedback from one of the instructors and tried to put it to use to improve the margin of safety and understanding of the car on this challenging course. I'm certainly not maximizing the potential of the car, but it's a daunting track and one that commands respect.

BMI Tsukuba Battle Race - JDM Sports vs German Sports
This is a Best Motoring International Video. This is a Tsukuba Circuit battle between JDM (Evo VII, Impreza STi, R34 GT-R, NSX Type-S and FD3S RX-7) and the Germans (Carrera 996, E46 M3) All credit goes to Best Motoring International. Enjoy!!!!!!!!