Mega Slow Motion (MegaMo) 1000 frames per sec. Dragsters

Super Mega Slow Motion

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Topfuel dragster race slow motion (topmethanol backfire, exhaust flame)
FHRA nitro nationals slow motion Drag racing NRHA top methanol Slow motion Exhaust flame Topfuel dragster burnout super slow motion Drag car engine maintenance European dragster race slow motion most powerful drag car

Tire Shake Shootout (or when the shakers came to town)
A studie in deformation of dragrace tires in Slowmotion at 300 and 600fps 1/10 and 1/20 of realtime (at Cramonats in Malmoe, Sweden 2010-05-28 Camera is a Casio EX F1 Music: Rev Up. Artist: Manuel and the Renegades

NHRA in Super SLO MO is awesome!
The Mello Yello Countdown to the Championship consists of 6 races in Charlotte, Dallas, St. Louis, Reading, Las Vegas and Pomona. Every round counts and it's all about going hard or going home. This year will be epic!

Unreal Hi-Speed Camera Shots
Ultra slo-mo cam video compile, from the sonicbomb website check this guys other videos on his site there absolutly great