How to covert a VW Beetle from gas to electric.

How to convert a VW Beetle from gasoline to electric power. The Bug has been updated to lithium batteries.

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Green Overdrive: The Homemade Electric VW Bug!
We cruise around with Al Bullock, who restored and converted a 1970 VW bug into a cute little electric vehicle that gets just as good a mileage as the Nissan Leaf.

Motors and Controllers
In this weeks episode; Motors and Controllers. Episode 4 of How-to Convert Your Car from Gas to Electric Please address all questions and comments to

Dual Motor Electric Vehicle Drivetrain With Powerglide 2 Speed Transmission Walkthrough by EV West
Here's a brief 10 minute video that gives a nice overview of the EV West 2 speed Powerglide transmission that runs without a torque converter direct drive to 2 coupled Warp 11 motors. Depending on the voltage and current, these twin motors can put out well over 1000 lb/ft of torque, and 600+ horsepower. We used this motor and transmission combination to power our BMW M3 to the summit of Pikes Peak in 2012 setting an all time record for street legal electric cars. The strength and reliability of this system is key. For more information regarding this bolt in drive train, please visit for the latest updates.

The True Cost of Converting from Gas to Electric
So what does it really cost to convert a car to electric? One that will perform as well as the gas version. Address all questions to