Is Kobe Bryant Greatest Laker Ever?!?

NBA on TNT Crew discusses Kobe's Rank among All-Time Great Lakers' Players

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ESPN - Who is the greatest scorer in NBA history?
ESPN Countdown debates who is the greatest scorer all time

Where would you rank Kobe Bryant among the all-time greatest basketball players?
Charles, E.J., Kenny and Ahmad discuss about theme "Where would Kobe Bryant rank among the all-time greatest basketball players?" Footage from NBA TV. Courtesy - NBA TV.

Many ESPN Analysts say Kobe is better than Jordan
Kobe is,"as good if not better than mj" Also check out The Comeback feat kobe Bryant: Also Please check out my Lakers/Clippers video and join the debate: and kobes ultimate top 10 :

Kobe's Amazing Last 3 minutes and 20 seconds // Lakers - Jazz 4.13.2016
The final 3 minutes and 20 seconds of Kobe's career. - 5/5 from the field - 1/1 from three point range - 4/4 from the stripe Legendary.