Is Kobe Bryant Greatest Laker Ever?!?

NBA on TNT Crew discusses Kobe's Rank among All-Time Great Lakers' Players

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Where would you rank Kobe Bryant among the all-time greatest basketball players?
Charles, E.J., Kenny and Ahmad discuss about theme "Where would Kobe Bryant rank among the all-time greatest basketball players?" Footage from NBA TV. Courtesy - NBA TV.

ESPN - Who is the greatest scorer in NBA history?
ESPN Countdown debates who is the greatest scorer all time

Many ESPN Analysts say Kobe is better than Jordan
Kobe is,"as good if not better than mj" Also check out The Comeback feat kobe Bryant: Also Please check out my Lakers/Clippers video and join the debate: and kobes ultimate top 10 :

C-Webb's Fab 5 Lakers
C-Webb's Fab 5 Lakers C-Webb takes a look at the lengthy Lakers history and picks his top Lakers of all time.