c5 corvette borla exhaust on 20's

c5 corvette borla Exhaust on 20's

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2003 C5 Corvette - Headers, No-Cats, and our Billy Boat Bullet Exhaust!
Recently we had a really hot C5 in the shop for a Bullet Exhaust. With headers, no cats and our Exhaust this beast screams down the road. We didn't get a drive-off, but it sounds amazing! FCOR-0100 & FCOR-0105 (w/oval tips)

C5 Corvette with Borla Exhaust
My 2000 C5 with Borla Straight Pipes and stock H-pipe...No other mods.


1998 Corvette Coupe all decked out
New video of my vette coming soon so you can hear what it sounds like.