GTI vs ricer corolla

gti takes on a ricer corolla. pay attention to the ricer

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WRX vs Z06 for $500 - Winner gets punched
Oldie but a goodie, had to put it back online to share this old treasure :) A friend gets in a race with some douchebag in a Z06, beats him twice, and then the douchebags buddy hits him and runs of. Later on in the video is everyone meeting up to try and get the cash that was owed, and the cops come with drug dogs because someone called and said the WRX owner had a gun, several cars searched.

Biggest Ricer FAILS!
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stupid ricer
Ricers realy, they do. this guy has not a clue what he is talking about, nor that we are fucking with him.

guy getting called out
guy thinking his car is the stuff