New Electric Cars Are Better

Just showing off some of the cool new electric cars and putting to rest some of the myths out there. When people think of electric cars, typically they think of older ugly slower models, lead-acid batterys, and BS propaganda they've read slamming the "electric cars"(as though they all carried the exact same attributes) The battery technology has changed(and will change even more when nanowire battery becomes common), the speeds have changed, the climate versatility has changed, the prices are changing, the car companies are changing... everything is changing for the better. I expect to see a lot more support for EV's during and after 2010. Music, San Francisco, by: Global Deejays Orange one is the concept Dodge Zeo. It's fast and travels far. Would be nice if they started producing it. The others are the Mitsubishi I MiEv (which I've seen ppl driving), the Chevy Volt, G4e, Think, Alias, Quant, B Zero, FC Sport, Mixim, Nuvu, Roaster, Seat, and Lightning GT I'd also love to see something like the Audi R-Zero(not shown in video) concept to be produced (looks deadly and 460km/hour 0-100 in 3 seconds).

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Fisker Karma: An Owner's Review
I received my Karma in December 2011, and after putting 2200 miles on the car I decided to do this very complete and comprehensive review of the car. I apologize for the length of this review, but this is actually the short version. I had a lot to talk about, and this was the shortest I could edit it down while retaining most of the important stuff.

ELECTRIC CAR Dodge ZEO Li-ion concept car
ELECTRIC CAR Dodge ZEO Li-ion concept car

TATA Pixel - The Real iCar
if u thought iPhone was the in thing.. then check out the iCar. its a concept car released by TATA Motor , named the Pixel. it looks like the 1 lakh car NANO. it has an automatic parking system.

Electric Cars You Can Buy Today_Under $14K_Davis Electric Cars
Tom Kelly, president of Davis Electric Cars, talks about the ZAP! and the ZENN. These are full electric vehicles available now for under $14,000.00. Show us how you save energy. Please sign the Declaration of Endependence at .