Suzuki gt750

daytime footage of my Suzuki GT750 with selfmade expansion chambers, the video isn't that good, but just listen to the nice unmuffled (!) 3 cilinder 2 stroke sound

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Frans blue and white Suzuki GT750

Onboard footage 1973 Suzuki GT750 fuel injected
One of many "mapping runs" I'm doing to get the fueling correct. It's not very exciting to watch, but I can guarantee you it is to ride it ;) The observant amongst us can see; a bird of prey, a (possible) cop car, a slow van and a neutral gear which shouldn't have been there. The speedo doesn't work and I'm reving it to around 5k rpm. Oh and the nasty rattle has something to do with the camera, luckily it's not the engine.

suzuki GT750 Test

Hold Tight!
A quick howl on the Kettle. Camera - Canon HF200. Sound - Rode Stereo Videomic. Software - Pinnacle Studio 14.