bmw e39 530d sound

straight pipe with custom Exhaust and reprogrammed ecu and kn air filter

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BMW E39 530d vs Ford Focus MK2 Tdci by STANCECUSTOMZ
E39 530d Eigenbauanlage mit Downpipe :) Ford Focus MK5 Tdci F&F Motorsportanlage :)

2002 BMW E39 530d - Exhaust sound and acceleration - First gear
2002 BMW E39 530d Exhaust sound and acceleration. This is the standard Exhaust on the facelift BMW. Just a short video showing you what the Exhaust sounds like whilst at idle, revving to the limit and under load in first gear. Oh yes.. And I split my drink.. Fail.. I wonder often what it would sound like with the m5 back box (muffler for you Americans) and removal of the center silencer and Catalytic convertor. Removing the Cat and a remap is on my list of things to go. I will post a similar video showing the sound once It has had the catalytic convertors removed. I love the sound of big turbo diesel engines.

revopsire BMW e39 /nov2011
I got a lot of questions and a lot of stupid comments as well. Just to clear things up: I am the car owner and the client on this paint job. I am NOT the painter. I am aware of the fact that a better paint job would require all interior, masks and what not striped off the car. I did not want to pay that much (especially that I did not changed the color of the car). The painter did offer me the choices but I opted for this. Who ever thinks this is not a proper paint job: thank you for your concern. Go buy whatever you need. I'm happy with the paint job :)

BMW E39 530dA with KBR Exhaust Part 1/3
Habe auf die schnelle (ungeschnitten) mal ein Video mit meiner Fotocam gemacht. Leider nur in Mono. Hört sich in Natura viel besser an.