Mercury Cougar XR7 1970

Starting my XR7 with 351 Cleveland, idling and a quick look under the hood.

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Restoration of 1970 Cougar
Photos of stages of restoration.

Electric Hideaway Headlight Conversion: 1969 - 1970 Mercury Cougar
In this video, Darrell replaces the old vacuum hideaway headlight system with our new electric actuator kit for '69 Cougars. We also have a '70 kit, and installation is basically the same. This is a great upgrade, and we can even give you "in store credit" for you old vacuum components if they're in good shape. Buy the electric conversion here: 1969 version - 1970 version - There's also a 1967-1968 version here: 0049&submit=true&type=OR

Mercury Cougar XR7 1970 No Mufflers
Mercury Cougar XR7 351W, Dual Exhaust,No Mufflers

Mercury Cougar - American Muscle Car
An excellent TV show featuring the classic Mercury Cougar. They cover all the classic years, and talk about all the different engines and option packages you could get. Only a couple minor mistakes (they say the that XR-7 package included a 4-speed stick, then show an automatic shifter in one... derrr) but overall a very nice overview of these cars.