DoveBlue Bus DynoRun

First Dyno for the Pat's "Dove Blue 11 windows project" ( and his 2.3L engine ) Aluminium case, Okrasa 82.4 crankshaft, A/A 94 Pistons, 5.3 Carillo rods, Scat C45 camshaft, reworked "Round Port Style" 044 cylinder head, 42x37.5 valves, 1.25 rockers and a pair of 44 IDF Webers Final result : 144 HP with Belt and 160 HP without belt More about this Bus project on our Weblog :

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Vw bus slammed
via YouTube Capture

2180 Stroker No. 2
I built this fron a catalog with the only thing produced by VW is the rocker arms After running in my sandrail a few times out at little sahara in Waynoka Oklahoma.I spun a rod bearing, so time for new rods and a new crank...oh and a bigger cam this time. It's now built with an 82 mm crank, 92 mm pistons and scat 5.700 H-beam rods with 3/8 bolts. It took 0.180 barrel shims to clear the heads. I had to have the new scat c-45 camshaft turned down to clear the bigger rods.

VW 2276cc Running like a champ!!
82X94 / CB 40X35.5 / Scat C45 with s-cut gears / 1 5/8 header / 48 DRLA carbs

VW Baja engine 1641cc Scat Cam
Just finished the baja bug. Firing it up before takin it down the road after putting the bus transaxle back in it. Engine is a 1641 cc has c-35 scat cam and custom made Exhaust with a supertrapp end.