How to adjust your chain

I show you how to adjust your chain

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How To Adjust and Align a Motorcycle Chain
CanyonChasers use their venerable SV650 to walk you through the process of adjusting a motorcycle chain and ensuring that the rear wheel is properly aligned so that you'll get the most life out of your chain and sprockets.

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Delboy's Garage, Suzuki Bandit, Chain Adjustment. (plus clean and lube).
Easy task this one, not sure it was even worth posting it, but with the amount of badly and even dangerously neglected chains i see on bikes out and about, it seems that not so many people care too much about chain maintainance, or otherwise dont know. So for those who care enough to bother, here's how i take care of MY chain, ..Enjoy.

LighTech Chain Adjusters Install & Review - Suzuki GSXR1000 2011
This is a review of the LighTech chain adjusters, installed on a GSXR600 2011. LighTech chain adjusters are available in Indigo, Black, Red & Gold, and "clicks" as you adjust so each chain adjustment is precise and easy. Link to product:: Disclaimer: This video is a sample install and review of LighTech chain adjusters. It is not intended an instructional video or install guide, nor is it a a replacement for the work of a trained mechanic. We recommend all components to be installed by a certified motorcycle mechanic.