MadCRX's Honda CRX B18C w/Garrett gt35r Turbo

40mph to 130mph pull, 10 lbs of Boost. The REAL MADCRX!! I am not the owner, this is just a video a friend emailed me of his CRX.

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Rob's LS Vtec Gt35r Civic vs. a Modded Evo 9 MR
This was just a quick video of Rob's turbo hatch against a modded Evo. The Evo was beat a couple days before, he then got tuned and wanted to run again, this time from a stop.

Honda crx 550hp

500hp Turbo Del Sol Blows the Doors off Yellow 430 Ferrari
B16 turbo Del Sol VS. Yellow 360 Ferrari Tuned by DardanTuning

Honda CRX Del Sol 670hp
Honda Del Sol 670hp