Sealing A Nitro Motor by Dyno Part1

How to seal a nitro motor by Dyno from TLR

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Sealing A Nitro Motor by Dyno Part2
How to seal your nitro motor by Dyno from TLR

Alpha Engine maintanence guide by Ryan Lutz
Step by step process on how to remove and install the engine components, clutch etc.. When to replace Crank shaft etc.. India Distributor:

Nitro RC Car Engine X-DYNO with Velocity RC Magazine
Velocity RC Magazine has an X-Dyno, the industry standard nitro Dyno used to test the true output of model car engines. Awesome amounts of data can be instantly obtained from the nitro X-Dyno such as horsepower, Torque, and Power Factor all graphed out through the entire RPM range. The software has built in SAE correction to ensure accuracy and create a standard so comparison between mills is possible. Check out Velocity RC Magazine each issue for complete nitro Dyno tests and results. Filming_ Derek Buono Intro_ Wes While Editing_ Jeff Eveleigh

Q-1 at OCRC with Mike Truhe
Take a ride around OCRC's track with Mike Truhe