RUN AWAY Detroit Diesel! 453-T

DD 453-T runs away! rack gets stuck on valve cover. almost lost some fingers too, it was all i could find. F'ed up new turbo compressor wheel, was only damage thankfully!

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Diesel Runaway! Detroit Diesel 4-71 Runs Away After 30 Year Start, Old Guy Saves The Day! These 3 guys attempt and succeed at starting this old GMC 650. However the fuel rail sticks and proceeds to cause a "runaway" situation. The two young guys bugout, the old guy in the driver seat calmly gets out and saves the day by choking the motor out.

Big Gigantic Antique Diesel Engines Starting Up
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Runaway peterbuilt
The seals in the turbo failed and it took off like a jet engine!

Detroit Diesel 453T in 48 Diamond-T
your defiantly tired after driving this thing....respect to the old truckers!