theSAABguy: Replace Timing Chain Guides and Balance Chain/Guides in a B235

This is a video of replacing the timing chain guides and balance chain and guides in a B235R out of a SAAB 9-5 Aero. This procedure was obviously done with the engine out of the car, but it can be performed in car.

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Step-by-Step DIY timing chain kit installation
Showing how I installed my timing chain kit on my engine. This can be done with the engine in the car by removing the accessories, mounts, valve cover, etc. Although this is for a Saturn S-Series much of the concepts will translate to other vehicles too. Even if you are conducting this repair in your car the visualizations shown here may help you better understand the project where filth and limited access may prevent you from seeing everything well in your car. This car is for my 1995 SW2 using a block from a 1997 SL2 and a rebuilt head. This is how I did it and what I learned. Information may or may not be accurate. Be sure to set engine to 90 degreest past #1 Top Dead Center prior to rotating your camshafts. Once your camshafts are in the correct position pin them in place to prevent movement, turn crank counter clockwise to number one TDC. Everything is now in the correct position to install the timing chain. After installing everything double check all marks and positions then unpin the timing sprockets and release the tensioner retainer. Verify the tensioner plunger extends. Be sure to lubricate everything prior to closing up. Here is a photo detailing all of the fasteners I had to remove when I first did a timing kit with the engine IN the car: g 1991-1998 Cars use a different timing kit than 1999-2001 model years. The procedure is very similar though. I am using a PCI brand timing chain kit model TS13126 which includes... 1 Timing Chain 1 Tensioner 2 Chain Guides 2 Camshaft Sprokets 1 Crank Sprocket 1 Top Chain Guide While your timing cover is off you might consider checking the oil pump which is located in the timing cover. Be sure the oil seals on each side of the crank are still in place prior to installing the timing cover. When installing the timing cover clean all mating surfaces well and use a suitable RTV sealant or equivalent. I used the following torque specs: Top chain guide 14nm (8mm bolt x 2) Cam Sprockets 74 ft lbs (15mm bolt, 1 per Sprocket) Fixed chain guide 26nm (10mm bolt x 3) Pivoting chain guide 26nm (10mm bolt x 1) be sure under bolt head is clean Tensioner 14nm (10mm bolt x 2)

1999 SAAB 9-5 Timing Chain Job (Part 1o?): A whole lot of disassembly and heartbreak.
Well here's the 45 minute long culmination of four five hour days of working on the 9-5; it's unsurprisingly still in pieces. Hopefully in the next video, it'll start going back together. Coming to you in gloriously interlaced 720p. Partially because my camera interlaces stabilized footage, and partially because in 1080p this video rendered out larger than the 32bit file size limit (which breaks the file.) I could render the video into two not-forty-five-minutes-long chunks, but I can't be bothered. Enjoy what you've got.

Saab 9-3 Timing chain rattle noise fix!
Got this rattle in my saab's timing chain. Figured out it was caused by an upper timing chain guide. The plastic becomes brittle with time, and when the chain "smacks" up against it, it makes a sound. In my case, I was lucky. The plastic has 3 points where it's clipped in. 2 of these points had brokes of on mine. Hope this video comes in handy for some other People out there with saab's. Part number for this item was: 90537337. There are more partnumbers for this that is interchangeable.

Full set / Juego completo SAAB 9-5 TURBO 16V B235R .