84 Shelby Charger 2.2 Comp Cam

Update on my 1984 Shelby Dodge Charger 2.2L, I installed the comp cam.

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Dodge Charger Daytona & Scat Pack - His & Hers Car Shoot - Wheels / Exhaust / Colorshift DRLs
Just shot these awesome couple's cars, 2016 Dodge Chargers Daytona & Scat Pack! Here is a list of whats done to these cars: *Dodge Charger Daytona with Niche Track Le Mans 321 3-Piece 20" With Nitto 420S Tires *Dodge Charger Scat Pack Blaque Diamond BD2 20" with Nitto Tires *Blacked out Badges and emblems *Custom Red Caliper Paint with the Brembo Logo in White *Custom Dodge Charger Carven Catback Exhaust *Performance Cold air Intake *2016 Dodge Charger Wifi Colorshift DRL Headlights I hope you enjoy it :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to stay tuned, and If you liked this video then give it a Thumbs Up 👍 also feel free SHARE it on your social media with family and friends (: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Also check me out and follow me on: IG: @VisualArtworksMedia ( https://goo.gl/9vjZK6 ) FB: @VisualArtworksMedia ( https://goo.gl/apFQv0 ) Twitter: @Visual_Artworks ( https://goo.gl/IM0bXc ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Video Sponsor: Fantazy Motorsports, Inc FB- @FantazyMotorsports ( https://goo.gl/AZH2S0 ) IG- @FantazyMotorsports ( https://goo.gl/2Aof4s ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Thank you for watching and supporting my channel (: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- dodge challenger, wrapped challenger, dodge challenger wrap, rushing riptide wrap, satin rushing riptide, challenger bc coilovers, challenger aem intake, challenger magnaflow Exhaust, mopar, dodge wrap, vinyl wrap, challenger performance, satin wrap, challanger satin wrap, challenger on coilovers, lowering springs, dodge chalenger lowering springs, dodge challenger suspension upgrade, avery vinyl wrap, avery satin rushing riptide, performance shop thousand oaks, fantazy motorsports, fm lifestyle, visual artworks, visual artworks media, va media, car videos, car film --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- 2016 dodge charger, dodge charger scatpack, scat pack, charger daytona, daytona charger, scat pack charger, mopar, dodge charger colorshift halo, niche track le man 321, niche wheels, dodge niche wheels, dodge blaque diamond, bd2, blaque diamond bd2, carven Exhaust, dodge charger carvin Exhaust, dodge charger caliper paint

Worlds Fastest Turbo Dodge Shelby Charger 8v 4cyl Omni
On September 30,2012 at Interlake Dragway in Gimli, Rob McLellan ran a 10.04 at 143.28 miles per hour in his Dodge Shelby Charger making it Fastest 8-valve 5 speed 4 cyl turbo Dodge on the planet. This car is still running the none common block 2.2 with stock ported Exhaust manifold and no NOS. Stock 568 trans. with quaife and stock axles.

MotorWeek | Retro Review: '85 Dodge Shelby Charger
Shelby Charger...I'd drive it.

87 shelby charger T1 to T2 complete
final product. 2.2 turbo 2 converted to a Super 60, super 60 cam on 110 centerline, 804 injectors, vibrant front mount, custom Intercooler piping, custom air intake, 2 1/2 in swing vavle, 2 1/2 in Exhaust (no converter) soon to be forged chrysler TII rods and crank, glhs computer 18 psi. thanks to cindy at FWD Performance for all the help!