Antique vintage 1958 John Deere 420 tractor for sale JD

This tractor has slant steering, powering steering, directional reverse, spin out wheels, new rear rubber, 3pt hitch, pto, and fenders. This tractor is for sale. Please call Scott @ 507-582-3219 or 507-582-3650 Dave after 7 pm central time for more information or to view this tractor. Ebay auction starting tonight 8-26-08 Ebay item number 380067743309 just enter this number in the search bar.

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John Deere 420 ("POP! JOHNNY)
Today is my lucky day! I get to drive a vintage JD! It is a spectacular tractor but kind of scary to drive. It has no fenders, so long clothing could get hooked and pull you off the tractor. There are a lot of ways to die on this tractor. Pop Johnny was the pop! from the gasoline engine. Here are the specs: Engine: 28 horse power (I think) gasoline, Liquid cooled, inline twin cylinder. three point hitch five forward gears one R gear

420 John Deere Plowing
420 John Deere Plowing with a #22 Truss Frame Plow

John Deere 730 Diesel Tractor Start Up (pony engine)
1959 John Deere 730 Diesel with cranking engine (pony engine). Found tractor in central Illinois and restored to present condition. 1960 was last year that John Deere made the two cylinder tractor. This announcement shocked farmers, but was a good decision for John Deere. Best kept secret in industrial history.

Popping Johnny
1955 John Deere 40 start up and running at Renfo Tractor show.