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VW trends last Dyno Day 2nd place heads

Orratech Nordland Käfer Heidbergring 09 Rennen 2

Green Tech Program for Old Volkswagen Engines - 3 stages
Green Technology Program 3 stages for VW Aircooled Engines T1 up to T4 The Stages illustrated here pre-supposes that the engine is treated with GTOil and an optional GTF Booster already. GTF Booster is ideal for Old and Dirty engines only specially with diesels. Newly GTOil treated engines must not be treated with GTF Booster untill GTOil is fully saturated into the engine internals already. For engines with piston slaps, adding GTF Booster will not solve the mechanical problem... it might even increase the noise once the gums are cleaned out. GTF Booster is a gum and carbon deposit purging solution that adds engine pressure while it cleans. GTF Booster is not recommended for engines with suspected piston, bearing and rod or valve train/ mechanical clearance problem.

Rod Richardson Black Chopped VW Beetle on Dyno - 2276cc
Rod getting 162.8HP on the Dyno