Buick Apollo BCA 500 concord NC (video 2)

we spent the night at a hotel and decided to unload to the trailer to save the tires, needless to say we woke up some people at 6:30 in the morning when we cranked her up lol

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Buick apollo 350 turbo (mi casa racing)

loading up the Buick Apollo BCA 500 (video 3)
yeah, this is me, loading up the car lol dad stopped filming after i got the front wheels on lol

1974 Buick Apollo
1974 Buick Apollo - 350 V8

1974 Buick Apollo, a picture slideshow of the work... (with music)
just a video commemorating me getting the ol Buick, had it for a year and she aint quite done but she come a long way as you see here, already been to one show, a couple burnouts and more to come thanks yall the music used in this video is not mine and i do not own, rights got o respective artist and record companies