UPGRADE... New DEPO LED Colorado Tail Lights

Amber LED turn signal bulbs and White LED Backup lights added. You will notice one back up is bright. I have and issue with the bulb NOT the DEPO taillights. I will work on this later.

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Firm400 Media bringing you the Installation Tutorial for AJP Distributors Performance Lighting. This tutorial covers the 2004-2012 Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon application where you will learn how to install your AJP Distributors LED Tail Lights. For More Performance Parts, Accessories, & Lighting Products, Visit AJP Online: http://www.AJDMParts.com Any troubleshooting questions or concerns please contact AJP Customer Service Care: 626.330.0280 Stay tuned for more AJP Distributors Installation Tutorials by "Subscribing" to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=firm400 LIKE & SUBSCRIBE To Our YouTube Channel! Thanks for watching! Visit us online: http://www.Firm400.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/firm400 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/firm400 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/firm400 Here is more information regarding our friends over at AJP Distributors & Authorized Dealers at Advanced JDM Parts: Advanced JDM Parts (AJDMParts.com) has been in the automotive industry specializing in high performance parts, lighting, and accessories for over 10 years. Having achieved excellence and great reviews in the National & International market we hope that each and every customer is satisfied with our product and services. Our range of products varies from bolt-on parts like steering wheels, quick release, adapter hubs to FULL high performance parts such as turbo kits, headers, and manifolds. ALL of the product lines we carry are some of THE best in the industry and carry the guarantee and warranty to back them up. One of the major brands we are official AUTHORIZED dealers for is JDM Sport. A new and innovative brand in the automotive market. They pride themselves on in-house research and development assuring quality performance parts with affordable pricing on most of their popular product lines. Whereas very competitive on their professional performance lines. The other lines we carry are already established and well name brands that you may already recognize and know their quality first-hand. Our well-trained and experienced world class customer service team will walk you through your purchase and answer any of your questions and concerns reassuring your satisfaction of your purchase experience with us. Our 30,000 sq. ft. distribution warehouse carry many brands and more than 3,000+ different variety of aftermarket performance parts, brand new, in stock, and ready to ship. We've sold over 1 million products and growing every day. We ship within the United States and world wide, for further information in regard of world wide shipping and affiliate/wholesale pricing please inquire with our customer service department. We look foward to helping you in your search and help you build your dream vehicle. If we don't have the product/brand in our line, please feel free to inquire with our customer service through e-mail or give us a call at 626-330-0280. Advanced JDM Parts (AJDMParts.com) TEAM! (Authorized Dealer Of AJP Distributors) Thank you for your business. 329 Baldwin Park Blvd City of Industry, CA 91746 Customer Service: 626.330.0280 Music Credit: via ArgoFox Harbinger - Warped Stream on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/SpotifyWarped Support on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iTunesWarped Download on SoundCloud: http://smarturl.it/SoundCloudWarped Harbinger https://soundcloud.com/harbinger https://www.facebook.com/OfficialHarb... https://www.youtube.com/user/Official... https://twitter.com/HarbingerEDM Argofox https://soundcloud.com/Argofox https://facebook.com/Argofox https://youtube.com/Argofox https://twitter.com/Argofox

Spyder Auto Installation: 2004-2012 Chevrolet Colorado Euro-Style Tail Lights
This video features a walkthrough of how to install a set of Spyder Auto tail lights on 2004-2012 Chevrolet Colorado models. This video will guide you through the process of how to install the tail lights and offers other helpful tips throughout to facilitate a successful installation.

How to Install Anzo LED Tail Lights on a Chevrolet Silverado
The Anzo LED Tail lights http://www.realtruck.com/anzo-led-tail-lights/ will give your truck the custom look you wanted. Come in Black, smoke, chrome, red, clear and carbon finishes. Super bright LEDs and sold in pairs. Stay Informed and Sign Up: http://www.realtruck.com/newsletter-signup/ Subscribe to our Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RealTruckCom Follow us on Facebook: http://www.realtruck.com/facebook/?ut... Follow us on Twitter: http://www.realtruck.com/twitter/?utm... Follow us on Google+: http://www.realtruck.com/gplus/?utm_c... FREE SHIPPING Give us a call at 866-262-3738 Video Transcription: Hey, guys. John here with RealTruck.com. Today, I'm going to show you how to install the Anzo LED Black Tail Lights onto this 2014 Chevy Silverado. All right, guys, as you can see, we've got our tail lights out the box. You can tell, looking at them here, how nice they are. These things increase your visibility and safety, just because of the super bright LEDs. And not only that, they look a lot better than these factory tail lights do. The first step of installing our new Anzo LED Tail Lights is to get these old factory ones out. Real simple process. First thing we're going to do is a couple of screws. There's torques head screws here. We're just going to take those out, and then we'll pop our tail lights out. Once the screws are out, then what we're going to do is we're going to pull this out a little bit here. These can be in here really tight, so you might have to pull them kind of hard. But what we're going to do is just give them a little tug back and forth, loosen them up a little bit, and then pop them out of the slots that they're in, in the truck. Take our bulbs out. Once we've got our tail light out, we're ready to put our new one in. What we want to do is peel these pieces of protective paper off the back because we're going to have to insert our lights in here. On this one and this one, you're actually going to take the factory bulbs out of the harness. If you look at the bottom of this wiring, they're designed just like the bottom of your light bulb is. You can see how they're made just like the bottom of your light bulb. So that's what allows them to take the place of the light bulb. And we're going to attach these. And they're going to be a little snug, but they will go in. As you can see there, it's actually in there now. The same way with our center one for our backup light. You're probably wondering, "What are these things here for?" Well, what these are, these are designed to stop, for your turn signals. With an LED bulb, an LED uses way less power than an incandescent or a halogen bulb does. So what these do, these are a resistor that allows the truck to work properly with the LEDs, which take less power. Otherwise, if you don't have these, the computer in your truck is going to think that there's a bulb blown back here. And you're going to get a really fast blinking or a message on your dash, telling you that you have a taillight out.

Chevy Colorado, V-led Switchback White/Amber
Sing Credit: Switchfoot, The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues). Off the new Hello Hurricane Album. Nov 10th 2009 Ok, a few days ago I placed comments and questions about white LED vs red LED in our tailights, etc. Well, I purchased the TYPE 2 DUAL COLOR CHANGING HID 6K WHITE AMBER SWITCHBACK 92 M-SMT 3157 from v-leds.com and replaced my rear turn signals/parking lights with them. The video is not the best quality to show the true color difference but its ok. Basically the parking lights are look red and when the signals are on, it changes to amber... even through the red lens. I also put the HID WHITE 6 LED 2825 lights in for my license plate lights. And put SUPER HID WHITE 9 LED LIGHT BULBS 921 912 in for my work lights and 3rd brake light. I of course got the resisters and I did not think about taking the pictures of the install of the mount plates, etc. I will be updating the Brake/Tail lights with the all white version of the HID 92 M-SMT lights later so maybe I will get pictures then. I also plan on changing out my amber light up front to the AMBER 92 M-SMT Led as well. But now here is my video.