UPGRADE... New DEPO LED Colorado Tail Lights

Amber LED turn signal bulbs and White LED Backup lights added. You will notice one back up is bright. I have and issue with the bulb NOT the DEPO taillights. I will work on this later.

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R20 Depo Helix/Tail Light Review VW GTI MK6
Sorry for my terminology, I am new to the whole car scene. I know the video format is bad. But I hope it helped some people out. This is just an informative video I put together to try and help people like me make a decision on what the big deal is about aftermarket brand tail lights. I believe that Depo is the best aftermarket brand (let me know if im wrong).

DIY LED Tail Lights (For Under $100)
I wanted LED brake lights for my Mazda MX-6. My only option would be to replace the bulbs with LED bulbs. But what I really wanted was something unique, Audi-ish. Something one of a kind... So here is how to make your own custom LED tail lights. I did it for my Mazda, but this process will work for any make or model you want to customize

Spyder Auto Installation: 2004-2012 Chevrolet Colorado Euro-Style Tail Lights
This video features a walkthrough of how to install a set of Spyder Auto tail lights on 2004-2012 Chevrolet Colorado models. This video will guide you through the process of how to install the tail lights and offers other helpful tips throughout to facilitate a successful installation.

2012 Colorado SuperbrightLEDs vs SuperModulation LEDs Tail Lights
I apologize for the video quality, it was taken at night. The audio is crap as well. Left side: SuperBright LEDs Right side: SuperModulation LEDs I've been running SuperbrightLED bulbs in my tail lights since buying the truck, after transferring them over from my old Colorado. They've always worked well, but I've been curious if there was something brighter out there. After installing some SuperMod sequential turn signals, I decided to give his LEDs a try. Verdict: - SuperBrightLEDs don't really fit all that well in the socket, SuperMod LEDs fit better. - SuperMod LEDs seem to be a higher quality LED - SuperBrightLEDs - 45 LED, SuperMod LEDs - 36 LED - SuperMod LEDs are slightly brighter in single-filament mode (running lights), however SuperBrightLEDs are a lot brighter during braking and turn signals.