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1960 Cadillac - straight pipes

Great way to meet the neighbors! I ran open headers on my '60 Caddy for a few weeks, then put in some straight piping. Now she has the factory Exhaust system, just with piping instead of mufflers. With this car, straight pipes are waaaaay better than open headers in terms of vibration, carbon monoxide exposure and hearing loss. Only drawback is open headers have a sharper 'crack' sound, but it's still worth it. Straight pipes are a blast!


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1960 Cadillac Persian Sand Convertible Classic
This is a beautiful Series 62 Cadillac convertible in rare Persian Sand with Saddle interior, cruising Dallas, Texas.

1960 Cadillac open headers
Cut the mufflers out of my '60 Caddy (rest of Exhaust system is intact) and here's what you get. The Exhaust dumps right behind the front wheels. Computer speakers cannot convey the full experience of open headers. These things are brutally loud and WILL cause ringing in the ears and pissed off neighbors. Check out this Caddy's full story at: http://www.crowdedgarage.com

1960 Cadillac Coupe
Check out this gorgeous coupe. Its hard to believe this car is almost 2 times longer than most modern cars and only has 2 doors lol.

Rockabilly Pomp Tutorial
Just a quick video how I do my pompadour.

Starting a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
No, it's not a 1960 Cadillac. It's a 1959 Cadillac *Eldorado Brougham*. Only 99 were produced, and they were built by workers in Italy. The sticker price was about double the amount of the average 1959 Cadillac. While the car had many similarities to other '59 models, the tail lights and fins were different. View photos of this car here: http://coloradoguy.com/1959-cadillac-...

1960 Cadillac Coupe deVille (video 2) - MyRod.com
For more pictures and info please visit us @ http://www.MyRod.com. Also be sure to watch videos 1 and 3 of this car! 1960 Cadillac Coupe deVille! We specialize in high quality classic cars! If you love muscle cars, car culture and Americana you'll love our videos! Check out our YouTube channel! http://www.YouTube.com/MyRodvideos Subscribe! (Don't miss any of our videos) http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MyRodvideos

'71 Mercury Marquis V8 Sound
Check my new channel where I'm going to upload my new videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/V8AmericanMuscleCar/videos

1960 Cadillac Eldorado Seville YES it is For Sale
A nice Eldo. Not someone's idea of a nice car- this really is a NICE Cadillac. Just wanted to share it with you so you can have a short look at one of these. Not easy to find one at all any more. This one has excellent history as well. This is the Jim Reeves Eldorado. Jim was a singer of the same era as Buddy Holley and as a matter of fact, died in a plane crash in 1963. This car in this video was his actual car. After Jim's untimely death, the Cadillac stayed with his widow and fell into disrepair. It was purchased from his widow and restored.

Most Relaxing Sound For Men 2! Straight Pipe 383 Corvette Revving and Burnout
The old 350 engine on the Vette pretty much died a year ago... We built this brand new 383 Stroker onto the Corvette last Winter and it has only been driven this Summer. It's still a work in progress engine meaning that I need to fine tune it and tweak a lot of carb related things. The engine consists of 750 cfm Q-Jet carb (will be replaced), Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, AFR 195 cc Street Eliminator heads, Scorpion roller rocker arms, Comp Cams XE274H cam, CP Carrillo forged pistons, Scat crank and rods. The Exhaust is pretty much straight pipes, Hooker ceramic full headers going to 3" pipes, then 2.5", x-pipe, small DynaFlow "resonators" and out from the sides. It's really loud and I will be tweaking it over the winter... :)

'66 Chevy C10 Straight Pipe Sound Test
Tyler and I recently installed this "custom" straight pipe on my 1966 Chevy C10. This was done with a whopping $15, and is far from aesthetically pleasing. However it has held up for the last month really well and still looks like the day we put it on. Amazing what some Exhaust pipe from O'Reily's, some sheet metal screws, and a shart-ton of Hondabond can do for you. I can't say that it made any whopping performance differences, but it does have a bit more snap to it and I have noticed a tad better gas mileage. Don't worry the motor is perfectly capable of handling this change, it is a 327 Corvette motor with some upgrades and a 4-barrel Edelbrock. I believe it does show some smoking in the video, which would be due the fact that it's about 40 degrees right now and there's a ton of moisture. Finally, yes this is legal in my area, well sort-of. I am not required to go through admissions testing and the truck is old enough that it is allowed to run an open pipe like this. However, we are not 100% sure on whether it passes on dB's but until the cops say otherwise I will continue to run it this way. If you're going to go off on me about how I'm ruining the environment and all that crap, just know I really don't care about it and I'll just delete your comment. Hope everyone else enjoys!

77 cadillac brougham true duel straight pipes
the title says it all, now it sounds like a basterd car, just the way i like it.

1973 Blown 468ci Blazer Walk Around
A quick video of my 1973 Chevrolet blazer with a blown 468 ci bigblock,ant the moment she puts out 640hp @ 5 pounds and 700+ hp @ 8-10 pounds of Boost, I will be putting up some racing videos up soon. Please subscribe

cadillac 1960 airride
cadillac 1960 som precis fått luftfjädring monterad. stötdämpade saknas som synes

Cars of the 2010 Cadillac Grand National Car Show
Cars of the 2010 Cadillac Grand National Car Show. These photos were taken on July 17th 2010.. Overland Park, Kansa was the host of the 2010 Cadillac Grand National Car Show.

CTS V coupe - No muffler - Corsa Tips -
Finished project. CTS V coupe with corsa x pipe, straight pipe from axle back, custom weld, custom hangers, & Corsa 4 inch tips. Clean look. Perfect sporty sound.

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