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2000 Honda Accord F23A
Short Clip of my 2000 honda accord F23a Coupe. Cold air Intake and Full Exhaust with a Stock muffler. ( I know its slowing down my flow) i dont calim this to be the fastest car, its no where near that. just figured with all the v6 coupe videos id throw one out with a 4cylinder. This is just the beginning for this car. thanks

Honda Accord 96 3 Air Filter S & B
Honda Accord 96 3 Air Filter S & B

00 Honda Accord Intake Sound (Outside and Inside)
My 2000 Honda accord Intake sound Test revved outside and on inside. PS-Honestly, the suction isn't that loud, the camera is a little sensitive lol Mods so far: *Temporary* Spectre SRI Motegi R7s (215/16/45)

Honda Accord Cabin Filter Replacement
How to replace a Honda Accord cabin filters: In this DIY video, I will show where the cabin filter is located and how to replace it. This tutorial applies to Accords from 1998 to 2002. Some components may be difficult to pull out and you may need to pull and tug harder so don't get discouraged if you have a bit of a hard time removing them. The reward of replacing your own Accord's cabin filters is, of course, the money will you save compares to bringing it to have it serviced which is around $60-$100. If you have any difficulties, leave me a comment and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Please note that the actual cabin filter was not changed. Tools you will need: - Electric screwdriver or regular screwdriver - A small Phillips screwdriver Directions: Step 1: Remove the lower right side panel thathas two screws Step 2: Remove the center console dash cover Step 3: Remove the glovebox lower panel Step 4: Remove the 5 screws that hold the glovebox and the lower glovebox support Step 5: Open the glove box and remove the 2 screw covers Step 6: Remove the top 4 screws Step 7: Slowly remove the glovebox by pulling up and towards you Step 8: Remove the cabin filter cover and pull the cabin filter trays out Step 9: Replace the cabin filters Step 10: Reinstall all parts in reverse order