1985 Mercedes Benz 380SL Start Up, Full Tour, and Driving

Pretty awesome 380SL that came in for detailing, I give a full tour and review on the interior, exterior and engine. I also started it up and drove it around the dealership. This is a pretty rare site, at least from what I've seen and this SL was in fantastic condition. Over 160k miles and didn't hesitate to start after sitting all weekend, great build and lasting quality. This thing will last for years to come!

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December Update On The 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/ Blown Engine
As of the first of the month the person was supposed to come get it, they obviously did not, therefore we have found an avenue for a new engine. I believe we are now soon going to be thinking about actually getting an engine for this thing. Sorry it's taken me so long to get an update, and the fact that we haven't done anything yet is we were trying to locate one first of all, and just waiting for the right time so HOPEFULLY you all should be seeing an updated vid next month or two with an engine update =)

2007 Lexus ES350 Fall/Winter Detailing, Full Tour, and Start Up
I give my car a complete full detailing that took all day and I still didn't get it all done lol. The car looked better than new when I was done, the video does not do it justice haha, note the detail and especially the tires!! It also smelled new. I left the doors and power on a lot and it drained the battery so I have to jump the car off again at the end, and this time it's a better video than the other iphone video I made. The battery is still good, just left the car on and open too long before people telling me my battery is bad lol.

2007 Lexus IS250 Start Up, Engine, and Full Tour
I finally get to do a start up and review of the IS250, I have had IS videos before but never a start up and sound demo, as with all my other videos, I go through the exterior and interior of this car and show all the fine details, start it up show the trunk and engine, and a sound and feature demonstration of the navigation unit! Enjoy!

Lexus ES350 Engine Cleaning and Removal of Plastic Engine Covering
I am giving a full in depth detailing to my car (2007 Lexus ES350 Ultra Luxury) and decide to take all the plastic covering out for the first time and check it out. I show step by step how it's done also for all the other ES350 owners out there!