GE 9" DC Series Motor ready to install onto a VW Ghia.

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Electric Vehicle Parts. Finding good used components for your DIY Electric Car Conversion.

Antique 90 year old General Electric motor inspection
( I first start the motor at about 10:40, you can skip to that if ya like) wow this is the crappiest camera work i've ever done. i never thought it'd be so awkward to record something with my tablet. about half way through i taped a putty knife to it so it'd atleast have a handle. still dont know why i was so jittery though xD ~~~~~~ Name Plate Reading ~~~~~~ Model Number: 20004 Type: SA Frame:147 Form:SI Volts: 110 AC Amps: 4.8 HP 1/4 Speed: 1725 RPM Cycles: 60 Single Phase Temp Rise: 40*C Time Rating: Continuous General Electric Co. Made in Schenectady ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i think i will put this motor on my bicycle or maybe try to build a lathe. =) guess my next project should be a tripod mount for my Xoom ;p

How to make Brushless Motor from motor DVD, VCD player
DIY - Conversion DC Brushed motor to Brushless motor Materials to include: - 1 x Motor in dvd/vcd player - Antena Transmitter, Wire copper 0,2mm - Heat Shrink Tubing, bullet connectors