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Ridin dirty

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santa clara del cobre suspension de aigre club hatrers passion

Severed Ties - Jon Pat!!
Works for ford, drives a dodge. At least he's doing somthing right, and draggin it~!

bagged ram
newest update! fresh from paint. more updates to come the truck: firestone bags all around, 8 valves, 1/2" lines on nitrogen. 10" notch in the rear with custom 4 link (fabricated) and kyb shocks off a 72 saab. front has a tie rod flip kit (fabricated), raised control arm mounts to minimize negative camber (fabricated), custom shock mounts, raised transmission support, relocated gas tank, hand cut bed frame. the bed was widened 3" to keep the wheels tucked nicely, shaved doors,tailgate,antenna, rollpan, and 3rd brake light. smoke front and rear lights, 30" plasma in the dash and still not done. believe it or not, it had never occured to me to pictures of the build until today.

Stylin' Danielle interviews Jay from Down 2 Earth Customs
Footage from the Au­gust 30th, 2009 Stylin' Trucks High & Low Truck Show. Danielle in­ter­views Jay about his badass Dodge Ram -​ cus­tom hood, cus­tom sus­pen­sion, cus­tom ev­ery­thing. What a kickass ride.