2008 WRX Stock vs SPT Exhaust

2008 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan - Stock Exhaust vs. SPT Exhaust - Sound quality is not great, as this was taken with a digital camera. When I recorded the stock Exhaust sound, it was a pretty windy day, and I noticed I did not do a very good job on the revving. The SPT Exhaust turned out better, but of course it was louder and easier to hear as well.

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2009 Subaru WRX with SPT catback exhaust + Cobb Stage 2
2009 Subaru WRX with SPT catback Exhaust + Cobb Stage 2. Parts consist of Cobb AP, Cobb downpipe, and SPT catback. this video is just to showcase the mods listed above for those WRX owners that are in the process of deciding what to buy for their cars. hope this helps with the research. thanks for looking!

Trail Ridge Road - Opening Day 2013
Trail Ridge Road opened for the first time in 2013 on May 24. This video was filmed within just a couple hours of park rangers opening the gate. I drove from Hidden Valley to Fairview Curve, a total of about 21 miles. I drove my 2013 VW GTI and filmed the video in 1080p with my GoPro Hero3 Black Edition mounted on the top of the car. Video was sped up at 500%. Thanks for watching! For more scenic Colorado drives, feel free to subscribe or check out my other videos! Also, check me out on Facebook at facebook.com/logan.thomas for videos and pictures!

2011 WRX Hatch - Stock vs SPT Exhaust
2011 WRX 5 Door Hatch Stock vs. SPT Exhaust -Start and Warm Idle -Hold at ~1500 RPM's -Rev to 2500-4000 RPM's Completely stock drivetrain (other than the SPT Exhaust)

2009 WRX SPT Exhaust